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Automotive Training Network(ATS) is an online sales and marketing training resource designed exclusively for the automotive industry. Stuker Training proudly announces a new online sales training network for automotive dealers worldwide, known as the Automotive Training Network (ATS). The interactive online communication tool is home to several high-quality videos and activities teaching various sales techniques and strategies to an automotive dealer's sales force. Users are encouraged to practice with live agents, call sales representatives, or complete short online tests prior to the certification test to determine their level of knowledge and skills in sales techniques and industry standards. Users are also able to track their progress throughout the program with detailed reports and test results.

Automotive Training Network(ATS) empowers automotive dealers with the ability to expand their business by providing training for their sales teams in the latest techniques. Currently, there are thousands of automotive training networks across the world that provide courses and materials to dealers. These classes and programs are made up of a mix of books, tapes, DVDs, CDs, seminars, and workshops. Most of the courses are taught by industry veterans who have a wealth of experience selling cars. Because training and education are so important to growing a successful automotive dealership business, many dealerships lack the resources to meet the needs of their sales teams. Discover more facts about cars at

Automotive Training Network (ATS) was developed by automotive industry experts who wanted to create a system that would enable dealerships to use the Internet to effectively train their sales teams. Tom Stuker and Wes Crumby created ATS in 1997. They knew that automated sales procedures were necessary in the early days of the automobile industry, but they lacked the expertise and time to put these techniques into place. With the help of ATS, today's modern automotive dealer has the tools necessary to successfully carry out an auto dealer management plan.

A method of automotive sales training that is often utilized by dealers is online training. Online training is helpful because it is easy to navigate and does not take up much time. Instead of having a sales person to sit in a classroom and be presented with information that must then be understood and applied, sales people can use the Internet to access pertinent information. Automotive dealers benefit by using online courses and training because they can easily keep up with the rapidly changing sales trends.

A dealership management plan consists of many different tasks. The tasks can be divided into three categories - product development, service development, and sales and service management. The products and services that need to be developed and implemented are those that will directly affect the lives of current customers. Many dealerships develop product lines that are too far in advance for current customers' tastes and preferences. When these products are not up to the consumers' needs, the dealers may have to institute changes in order to remain profitable.

Another task that all bdc training programs perform well is that of developing a service strategy. This plan focuses on customer satisfaction and profitability. Service plans also require that a new generation of automotive sales people be developed and this requires specific training in marketing, customer service skills, and sales techniques.

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